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Swear Words In Different Languages Pdf Free

make-use-of-logo logo-background menu search search-start close email bookmark facebook google twitter pinterest stumbleupon whatsapp amazon youtube youtube label-rectangle triangle-long down advertise jobs mobile newsletter Shop US Edition US Edition UK Edition Australia Brasil Canada Deutschland Espaa Espaol France India Japan Mxico about press RSS privacy user terms ad Choices Help Contact 2017 BuzzFeed, Inc You can also use the sites search feature to translate English swear words in any languageEmail Address What language are you learning? Select language Spanish English French German Chinese (Mandarin) Chinese (Cantonese) Japanese Italian Russian Arabic Portuguese Dutch Polish Turkish Swedish Hungarian Thai Czech Norwegian Hebrew Korean Tagalog Other Multiple languages LET'S GET SPEAKING Click here to see the comments! Your worst enemy on the path to success? You! written by Benny Lewis Whether your goal is to lose weight, save money, or speak a language, out of the many obstacles you will encounter on your path, the biggest one by far is youWhat’s impressive about this is how many different ways there is to say this in French! You can even combine them, for example to say putain de salope (whore of a whore) “Go make yourself ejaculate” (va te faire foutre)Subcategories This category has only the following subcategoryAmharic Silbabot: Literally You are the fatty layer on my warm milk, meaning You are a nuisance

Cantonese View this image › Christina Lu/BuzzFeed TIE!!! 金魚佬 (Gam yu lou): Literally “Goldfish man,” pervert, an old man who woos children with bags of pet goldfishAnd fathers aren’t safe either& “Your mother!” A!H (mang) is a very common slang word used sort of like “Oh Shit!” in EnglishHebrew ! (Samti al ze katzutz!): Literally I put my circumcised one on it!, meaning I dont give a fuck! ID: 2741123 17Some of my favourite languages are those with really fulfilling and creative ways of telling another person just how much you want them to piss offA Users Guide To The Best Swear In Every Language* Your incomplete primer on the most colorful, offensive, and gloriously creative profanity in the worldPlease add your favorite swears below, and if they are in languages we dont have (or are more compellingly and colorfully depraved than our choices in languages we do have), well add them! Enough silly bullshitRecent additions to the category twat nigger nigga crap Christ on a cracker child-fucker Christ on a bike goddamn hell godsdamn Oldest pages ordered by last edit Jesus wept Christ on a bike Christ on a cracker son of a whore Jesus Harold Christ sweet Jesus Jesus, Mary and Joseph shit ass shitass child-fucker A few notes before you dive in, although youll probably ignore them, you douchebag

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You also get to view the most commonly used swearing words This is obviously far, far, far from comprehensiveThe problem [.] Sound Rehab: A 5-Point Program for Kicking Your Visual-Addiction written by Idahosa Ness It's time for another post from Fi3M's most regular guest contributor, Idahosa Ness! In today's post, he tackles this I'm a visual learner claim that many, including myself, have made and gives some great ideas to make the switch and embrace the beautiful audio-based aspect of language learning and helping us break our addiction to [.] Load More BROWSE ARTICLES BY CATEGORY Culture Fun Language Hacks Missions Success Stories Check out Benny's Tips for LearningSubscribe to Our Newsletter Email: Scroll down for the next article Some of the stronger curse words insult multiple generations of someone's family at onceSpanish: “I shit in the milk!” Swearing in Spanish is easyCrop Image Just put together any combination of the following phrases in almost any order: your mother, the milk, I shit in, I shit on, whore, and the communion bread bd4638e95e
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